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February 28 2015


Kim Kardashian Acquires Audacious - Yahoo Information

> The fact celebrity experienced reaching 27 million Instagram fans. "" 27 mil!!!!!"" she captioned the photo. "" Thank you a lot!!!! I enjoy you all!!!!!"" In the picture, Kim is wearing a leopard print thong with red trim, putting her famous bottom on display screen. Kim Kardashian Instagrammed an image of herself wearing a thong on February 26, 2015 (Instagram) Kim could have also bigger news to experience! On Thursday, the Kardashian family was stated to have tattooed a four-year $100 million buck deal with E!, but a NBCUniveral speaker informed The Hollywood Press reporter that figure is "" blatantly unreliable.""-- Paige Feigenbaum Copyright 2015 by NBC Universal, Inc.

Associated post: http://hollywood24h.blog.com/2014/02/26/kim-kardashian-keeping-clothes-so-her-kid-can-have-hand-me-downs/

February 13 2015


Kim Kardashian Has Formally Lose Points To Discuss|yahoo Celeb - Yahoo Celebrity

> 2. Yet please, get over her sex tape: "" If I do have one remorse in life thats it,"" she exposed. "" Maybe that's how some individuals become aware of me however I really did not launch my career off of that. That was 12 years ago, no 13 years back, so I simply attempt to carry on as well as put it in the past considering that I believe everyone in life does points that theyre not proud of yet you cannot rest and emphasize them forever."" 3. Speaking of her job, kindly do not ask Kim what she provides for a living: "" When someone asks me, 'Exactly what do you do?' under my breath I intend to state, 'Ask my f-- king bank account just what I do,'"" she confessed. "" However I would never ever claim that to someone's face."" 4. Since she runs a company as well as employs individuals: "" We've had a lot more episodes than I Love Lucy!"" she flaunted. "" And I'm proud that we provide so many people jobs.

Relevant blog post: http://www.pastemagazine.portfoliobox.me/kim-kardashian-north-west-hasnt-worn-anything-designer-yet

February 10 2015


Kim Kardashian: Kanye 'styled Me Tonight' - Yahoo News

"Well, she made me put them up. Usually I had them in the bathroom at one point and she said, 'Nah, we're gonna put these Grammys up,'" he admitted to Shaun. The proud Mrs. West said the golden statues used to be scattered throughout Kanye's home. "He had one in the laundry room, one in the drawer, one pretty much in the washer, so I was like, 'We need to take these out and put them up,'" Kim teased her hubby. "And, you know, he's a little shy about it, so they're kinda hidden when you walk in.

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January 26 2015


Kim Kardashian ?furious? With Beyonce, Wants To Top Her By Getting Pregnant And Posing Nude

However, Kim isnt planning on stripping down again just to see if she can top her infamous Paper magazine cover she also wants to prove that she can beat Beyonce at the buzz creation game. According to the Independent, a source close to Kim Kardashian revealed that the reality show star thinks her second pregnancy will be the event of the year. However, Kardashian is worried that shell have to top Beyonces next big baby announcement, and shes furious that Beyonce is dropping baby hints while shes struggling to conceive. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Beyonce sparked pregnancy rumors by sharing an Instagram photo of herself buried in the sand. Someone had shaped the sand over her belly to look like a big baby bump, and immediately there was speculation that the photo was Beys creative way of announcing that shes pregnant again. A source recently told Heat magazine that the photo has inspired Kim Kardashian shes trying to get pregnant ASAP so that her belly can score Beyonce levels of attention. Shes been joking that Bey should enjoy her moment because when she and Kanye tell the world shes having another baby, itll be the event of the year.' Beyonce made her baby news the event of the year in 2011 at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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December 28 2014


Kim Kardashian Reportedly Spotted At Doc?s Office | Webpronews

Kim had admitted to having fertility issues like her sister Khloe, but wasnt very open about them until her daughter was born. Now, she and West have reportedly been spotted visiting a doctors office just before Christmas, but according to TMZ , having another baby is a long shot for them. Its kind of a miracle that I even got pregnant. Khloe has been very open about her fertility issues and I think I was always really kind of quiet about mine, and I have similar issues, Kim said last year on the Today show. According to TMZ, Kardashian has been advised by her doctors to cut back on traveling so much and reduce her stress level, two things that significantly affect a womans ability to conceive. Kim reveals in the January issue of Elle UK that she was about to have her eggs frozen when she found out she was pregnant. A few years ago I was told I could never get pregnant.

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December 13 2014


Kim Kardashian ''obsessed With Killing Raccoons''?! Get The Scoop On The Strange Rumor | E! Online

Paper recently released a behind-the-scenes video from the naked booty-baring photo shoot called "5 Questions With Kim Kardashian." In the clip, the 34-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star answers some intriguing questions. First, Kanye West 's other half revealed the weirdest rumor she's ever read about herself. "The strangest thing I've ever read about myself online was that I was just obsessed with, like, killing raccoons and really weird animals," Kim dished. "And this person gave like a fake police report. This whole story about how I took my high heels and would just stomp on them. It was just the weirdest story I've ever read." PICS: Kim's mommy style Jean-Paul Goude/Paper Magazine Kim also revealed there once was an error on her Wikipedia page that stated her middle name as "Kathleen." "My initials would be KKK, so that's really bizarre that no one fact-checked what my middle name was," the mother of one said. Kim also explained that she and her hubby try to put down their phones as much as possible when together. "Kanye didn't have a phone for four years. Especially when we first started dating, it was rude if we brought our phones with us out," she said.

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November 28 2014


Kim And Kanye Allegedly ?arguing More Than Ever? As Marriage Is Based On ?business Not Pleasure?

According to reports from Radar Online, the honeymoon is very much over for the celebrity couple, who are apparently arguing more and more these days due to financial issues, which have already taken over their relationship. An inside source told Radar , Kim and Kanye are arguing more than ever. Kim feels like their relationship is more of a business relationship than a real marriage. All they do is talk about business whenever theyre together and its stressing Kim out more than it ever has before. When Kim and Kanye tied the knot, they agreed that they would devote the time they were able to spend together to having fun and enjoying marriage, and not using it to talk shop. As the insider added, When they got married they agreed to take a break from talking business all the time, but that hasnt happened. And Kim feels stuck. It doesnt feel like what a normal happy marriage should be. Obviously, due to their high profile and extremely busy careers, Kim and Kanye hardly even have a personal life at all. And when they do try to snatch some quality family time together, the eager cameras of the paparazzi are usually there in their droves to make sure that privacy is not part of their day. The source added, Theyre so busy that they dont really have a personal life. Its frustrating to Kim because he promised to lay off the business stuff.

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Kim Kardashian Displays Toned Abs In A Crop Top, High-waisted Pants - Us Weekly

For beauty, she opted for a no-fuss route, with a bold red lip and voluminous lashes. PHOTOS: Kim's best booty moments Kardashian admitted that her style is all about embracing her sexuality these days. "My style has become sexier since becoming a mom," she told Grazia Daily in October 2014. "I'm more bold. You would think that that I would tone it down and wear sweats and flats all day, but I don't feel good wearing that." PHOTOS: Kim's bum-baring Paper mag cover Her latest red carpet look was a vast improvement over a similar nude ensemble she wore in West Hollywood on Thursday, Nov. 13.

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November 09 2014


Kim Kardashian Bleached Her Brows, And Also They're Frightening|ambiance

"> "You're too f * cking gorgeous/ And also everyone wants your sex, he sings. Well damn. [Fuse] Aw, Ed Sheeran is the sweetest. Backstage at a show in Glasgow Scotland, a follower that has actually been battling cancer cells for 8 years provided him with an engagement ring. As well as obviously, being the kind of man he is, he happily approved it. [Signboard] Ends up Huge Boo from Orange Is The New Black is really quite tough in real life. Starlet Lea DeLaria tackled a preacher on a NYC subway, that is known for carrying hate speech.

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October 28 2014


Why Kim Kardashian Will Always Lose To 'clash Of Clans' - Forbes

CoC_titlescreen_2013_1440_727_c1 It also takes the pressure off of developer Supercell. So long as they keep the game well tuned and release occasional new upgrades and units, the players will entertain each other far better than the developer ever could. The most durable games, in any part of the industry, are the ones that encourage community: World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Chess, Football, etc. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, on the other hand, is more like an interactive story, and its success will always be limited by the developers ability to produce content interesting enough to keep people engaged. Without the challenge and player-driven narrative of something like Clash of Clans, it remains fragile. Lose a player for a day, youll probably lose them forever. So, Kim deserves some Kongratulations for having made a hit game, and the fact that it wont stick around forever doesnt take away from that.

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October 12 2014


Kim Kardashian Diet 2014: Reality Star Reportedly Goes On A 10-day Detox Diet After Gaining Weight In Paris

kim kardashian diet Kim Kardashian found herself in the middle of a carb battle while attending Paris Fashion Week this fall. According to reports, the 33-year-old reality star was spotted taking several pit stops for some tasty treats in between shows. Radar Online revealed that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star gained 6 pounds while attending fashion shows in the City of Light before jetting back to Los Angeles on Oct. 1. When Kim lets go, she really lets go, and the weight gain is like a roller coaster, an insider explained to Radar . She was eating from the minibar and generally pigging out because she found Paris so stressful. TV personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West attend the Israeli-American designer Alber Elbaz Spring/Summer 2015 women's ready-to-wear collection for fashion house. Reuters Radars source elaborated that the reason behind Kims stress was because she felt rejected that her young, thin and chic sister, Kendall Jenner, was thriving in the fashion industry. The 18-year-old stunner has appeared in many credible runway shows and was even praised by Michael Kors as a real professional. But Kim isnt ready to give up the spotlight just yet to her younger sis! North Wests mother is reportedly participating in a 10-day detox back at her home in Los Angeles.

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September 19 2014


Kim Kardashian Says Just Wants To Be A 'milf,' Dress Sexy After Getting Body Back | Thecelebritycafe.com

Kanye Wests wife, however, made it clear that after having a baby, all she wants to do is dress sexy. In an interview with Lucky magazine promoting the line, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars talked about motherhood and style. "I am definitely way sexier ever since having my daughter, she said about 1-year-old North West. The struggle to get back into shape after giving birth is such a real one. She also added, "I just want to be a MILF!" Kim also talked about being jealous that her older sister, Kourtney, whos currently expecting her third child with Scott Disick, looks so good in maternity clothes. "Kourtney has the best maternity style. I mean, I wish I'd looked like a hot pregnant person, she said. Kourtney said her style is more "practical and comfortable but does like to step it up when shes not with her kids; Mason, 4, and Penelope, 2. Daily News reports in the interview, Kim also said her daughter with the Yeezus rapper only likes to wear greys, creams, oatmeal colors and black. image via INFphoto.com

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September 04 2014


[pics] Kim Kardashian Naked In ?british Gq? ? Heels Only For Woman Of The Year - Hollywood Life

. she does this. On September 2, she was named British GQs Woman of the Year and awarded with the honor in London. Just hours after the ceremony, the magazine released what may just be the most shocking spread weve ever seen even for Kim! Kim Kardashian Naked In British GQ On the cover , we see the 33-year-old mother rocking a blond wig and an open-mouth smirk its sexy for sure. That is, until we open up the mag. In the shoot, Kim lays fully nude on silver sheets, strategically covering her lady parts, while her arms cover her breasts. Of course she looks stunning Kims face and body is gorgeous but it leavesvery little to the imagination. In a close up pic, Mrs.

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August 20 2014


Kim Kardashian Talks Rob Kardashian: Why He Skipped Her Wedding | Webpronews

I hope hes OK. Robs departure sent the rumor mill into a frenzy. Several media outlets reported his departure was due to a big blowup between he and his sister. It was rumored that his weight gainwas reportedly a big issue and Kim refused to let him be in the wedding pictures.Although the 33-year-old reality star didnt specifically say why her brother decided to leave, she vaguely reveal his weight was a factor in his decision. If I dont like something thats going on in my life, I change it. I dont sit and complain about it for a year , she said. I try to encourage him, and once you dont make that change for so long and its not happening, I get frustrated. My patience runs out. She revealed he didnt want to be seen publically due to his weight gain.

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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Make The List Of Top Power Couples On Twitter And Instagram?see Who Else Is On It! | E! Online

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Wedding Exclusive News Instagram Wall! Other celebrity pairs who made theNew York Times' social media power couples list include singer John Legend and his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen and NBA starCarmelo Anthonyand wife and actressLa La Anthonya longtime BFF of Kardashian. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and wife Melinda Gates also made the New York Times list ( check out the full list ). Kardashian and Kanye wed in May in a lavish ceremony in Florence, Italy and shared several wedding photos on Instagram. The picture was viewed so many times that it broke a world record previously held by Justin Bieber , who also maintains a massive following on social media. PHOTOS:Kim Kardashian and Kanye West party with Justin Bieber, Zac Efron and more!

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July 28 2014


Kim Kardashian Not Classy Enough For Beyonce

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/NvnC6XK.jpg' width='200px' alt='Kim Kardashian' style='float: left; padding:5 px' />) I assume Jay shed a little respect for Kanye there." The insider included it's not that they associate, it's" it's who hangs out with them". Meanwhile, Kanye just recently exposed he utilized his wedding speech to discuss just how" celebs have no civil liberties". The 'Gold Digger' hitmaker provided a 45-minute salute at his nuptials to Kim - with which he has 13-month-old little girl North - in Florence, Italy, in May, and states he made use of the possibility to discuss how he and his new wife would like to" fight" for even more regard, contrasting the way they are managed to" blacks in the '60s". He discussed to The united state's GQ journal:" Just what I discussed in it was the idea of celeb, and personalities being treated like blacks were in the '60s, having no rights, and the truth that individuals can tarnish your name. I claimed that in the salute." And I needed to state this in a position where I, from the fine art globe, am weding Kim. And how we're visiting battle to increase the respect level for personalities to make sure that my daughter could live a much more normal life.

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July 12 2014


Kim Kardashian?s Dark Lip At Paris Fashion Week ? Love Or Loathe Her Makeup? - Hollywood Life

Taylor Swift Rocks Natural Wavy Hair In NYC ? How To Fight The Humidity Do you think Kim pulls off the dark look? Tell us below! Kim Kardashian is no stranger to a bold look and on July 9 in Paris the33-year-oldstar did just that when she paired a sleek pony with an edgy dark lip. But, is this look too bold? Did Kim go a little too far with this lip? You decide, then tell us what you think below! Kim Kardashian Wears Dark Lip At Paris Fashion Week Love Or Loathe? Dark lipstick has been seen on stars all over the red carpet.

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April 13 2014


Kim Kardashian Making Jesus Her Priority?

Kim (PHOTO) Reuters/Lucy Nicholson Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West Free Sign Up CP Newsletter! Related Kim Kardashian Defends Herself Against False Thailand Report Kim Kardashian Reacts to Vogue Cover Spoofs Kim Kardashian Gives Ciara Motherhood Advice This is not the first time in recent weeks that Kardashian showcased her Christian faith with a re-tweet. Kardashian re-tweeted a message from California Community Church pastor Brad Johnson about judgment earlier this month. "RT @brad_s_johnson: When Jesus died on the cross, He was judged for the sins of the world...court is no longer in session," the message re-tweeted by Kardashian reads. "Stop Judging." While many remember the reality television star for coming into the spotlight after being featured in an adult tape, she has still been public about her church attendance. The reality television star took to her personal Celeb Buzz blog where she let fans know that she was study the word of God while giving style tips last year. "Malika and I went to dinner together and then Bible study," Kardashian shared on Celeb Buzz. "I love this slicked half-up hairdo because it gives you a sleek and sophisticated look. For my makeup, I went for a natural bronzed glow with Kardashian Beauty Cabana Bronzer.

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February 20 2014


Actress Ellen Page: "i Am Gay"

On August 2, Raven-Symone, who played adorable Olivia on "The Cosby Show," indicated for the first time she is a lesbian. She first tweeted the news: "I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you." She later released a statement saying, "I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to." "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man," Martin wrote on his official website. "I am very blessed to be who I am." In April 1998, British pop star George Michael told CNN that he was gay. "This is as good of a time as any," the Wham! singer said. "I want to say that I have no problem with people knowing that I'm in a relationship with a man right now. I have not been in a relationship with a woman for almost 10 years." After years as a stand-up comedian and actress, Rosie O'Donnell came out two months before her talk show went off-air in 2002. continue reading this.. The announcement teen mom came during a comedy routine at the Ovarian Cancer Research benefit at Carolines Comedy Club in New York. "I don't know why people make such a big deal about the gay thing," she said during her act.
More http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/15/showbiz/page-comes-out/index.html

January 24 2014


Boeing Cost Reductions Seen Boosting 2014 Margins

their website Ken Herbert, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity, raised his price target on Boeing to $160 from $150 and reiterated his buy rating on the stock. "As we head into 2014, we believe better-than-expected execution will be the primary catalyst, specifically as the benefits of cost reductions start to flow into the commercial margins," Herbert said in a note. Earlier this month, Boeing and its Seattle-area machinists agreed to a labor contract more? info? that will keep production of its 777X jets in the area in return for Kim Kardashian some pension concessions, reducing costs. Boeing is slated to report fourth-quarter results on Jan. 29. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expect earnings to jump 22.7% to $1.57 per share and revenue to climb 2% to $22.74 billion. In 2013, Boeing beat European rival Airbus in commercial plane deliveries: 648 to 626.
Source: http://news.investors.com/business/012314-687359-boeing-price-target-raised-on-cost-reductions.htm

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